Does an excellent job of telling why we need DevOps. And that’s it.

The ideal audience for this book is someone who wants to know the relevance of DevOps. Someone who has spent years and years in Dev or Ops, but can’t begin to comprehend this DevOps stuff. But most importantly, the idea audience is someone that cannot stand non-fiction.

I am equally comfortable with fiction and non-fiction, but it did feel really weird discussing Firmware Upgrades and similar words in a fiction book.

Overall, this job does a very good job of engaging the reader into the “current state” of IT. It helps you understand what organizations consistently lack and why DevOps is needed. However, dont read this book if you want to actually understand how to implement DevOps.

PS: I read this book more than 6 months ago, and in a very uncharacteristic way, I forgot to write the review. This post is based on my little recall value.